• Scalable, Parallel Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Public and Private Cloud Computing
  • Query-driven, In-database Machine Learning (ML)

We provide scalable, in-cloud NLP system. We have applied our technology to applications such as sentiment analysis, news analytics, electronic medical records, enterprise search, eDiscovery.


Bayes Informatics provides unique scalable in-database NLP technology and related consulting services for projects involving large scale NLP and machine learning.

Milenko Petrovic

Milenko received a Ph.D. in Data Management Middleware Systems from University of Toronto and has previously worked at IBM Silicon Valley Lab developing an in-database XML engine for IBMÂ’s flagship relational database product DB2.

Daisy Zhe Wang

Daisy is a Ph.D. Candidate in Database Group at UC Berkeley and presently serves as a technical adviser to Bayes Informatics. Daisy's previous experience includes Intel, IBM, Yahoo! and Google.

Zachary Travis

Zachary is a Ph.D. student at UC Berkeley working on Computational Physics.

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